Questions and Answers 

Please note the current legal requirements and applicable hygiene standards. New is the obligation to register for a visit as well as the application of the extended mask obligation for public facilities with FFP2 masks.
No, filming and taking fotos are not permitted in the exhibition.  
No, there is currently no publicly accessible WLAN in the museum.
No, there is no audio guide. However, you will find augmented reality applications in the app of the German Mining Museum Bochum. Use it to explore the Salt Mountain and investigate Salt Man 4!

Visitors with mobility impairments and visitors with prams are asked to call the visitor service in the current situation. We will open the door for you and unlock the lift.

Visitor Service
+ 49 234 5877-126

The museum can be reached independently by people with mobility impairments. Separately designated parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity. The winding tower and some parts of the exhibition mine are also accessible for people in wheelchairs. Please contact our visitor service before your visit.

For guests with disabilities and for appropriate groups, our museum offers individually adapted guided tours by appointment.

We will be happy to advise you before your visit.

+ 49 234 5877-126 (Tues. to Fri. between 09:00 and 15:00)
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When dealing with the dead, archaeology faces a dilemma: On the one hand, there is the desire to report on the life and death of the deceased with the greatest possible precision. On the other hand, it is important to treat the human remains with respect. Exhibitions in which human body parts are presented to the public also operate in this area of tension. Researchers, but also visitors, are faced with the question of where curiosity ends and where the personal rights of each individual begin. For our exhibition, we have decided to present the original body parts in a restrained and dark manner. You have the option of avoiding this part of the exhibition.
Animals are not allowed in the museum. The exception is assistance dogs.
No, there is a general ban on smoking in the museum.