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Rätselraum Ruhrpott

Research On End of Shift - The Lecture Series (only available in German)

April 15th:

Salzige Archäologie - Thomas Stöllner

Salty Archaeology -
Thomas Stöllner

April 28th:

Von Kopf bis Fuß zum Salzabbau gerüstet - Karina Grömer und Gabriela Ruß-Popa

Equipped for salt mining from head to toe -
Karina Grömer and Gabriela Ruß-Popa

May 12th:

Wat'n Schiss - Nicole Boenke

What a shit -
Nicole Boenke


May 26th:

Den Salzmännern unter die Haut geschaut - Frank Rühli und Lena Öhrström

Looking under the Skin of the Salt Men -
Frank Rühli and Lena Öhrström

June 9th:

 Geologie und Geophysik - Erich Draganits und Rainer Herd

Geology and Geophysics -
Erich Draganits and Rainer Herd

June 23rd:

Jenseits von Wissenschaft - Natascha Bagherpour Kashani

Beyond Science -
Natascha Bagherpour Kashani


Behind The Scenes

"unterUns" at "Death By Salt" - A conversation with Thomas Stöllner

Podcast: Dominic Bachmann from the science blog "Unterirdis.ch" met up virtually with Prof. Dr Thomas Stöllner to talk about the exhibition. 

The podcast is only available in German.

The DFG Priority Programme 2176: The Iranian Highlands

The Douzlākh salt mine is located in the north-eastern part of the western Iranian highlands. This region has a long and turbulent history from the Stone Age to the modern era, but one that still leaves us with many mysteries to solve.


About Salt and Iran

A conversation about excavations in Iran and the Salt Men.

Keeping the balance between atmosphere and detail

An interview with Sasan Saidi about his work on the graphic novel.

Farshids last day - Graphic Novel

Join Farshid - aka Salt Man 4 - on his last day.


From underground into the spotlight

The salt man as holder of information and storyteller - a discussion.

You have to go on and find out where the tunnel leads to...

Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöllner gives  us exclusive insights into his work as a mining archaeologist.



Young Investigators


Unlock the secrets of the Salt Mummy and become a MuseumStar!

How the salt man got his salt bag (and afterwards into the museum)

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kunstsammlungen der Ruhr-Universität Bochum