"unterUns" at "Death By Salt" - A conversation with Thomas Stöllner

Podcast: Dominic Bachmann from the science blog "Unterirdis.ch" met up virtually with Prof. Dr Thomas Stöllner to talk about the exhibition. 

The podcast is only available in German.


 Thomas Stöllner has been researching in Iran for over 20 years. You can clearly see that his fascination for the unique archaeological findings of this country has not yet left him. Together with Dominic, he takes us on a journey to the salt mine of Chehrabad in the north-western Iranian province of Zanjan. The human remains found there, mummified by the salt, are the starting point of more than a decade of research.

Most of all, this episode focuses on the tragic fate of a young man now known to experts as Salt Man 4. But they also talk about how an exhibition is created - and why emotions are important in conveying knowledge. Death in Salt" did not remain untouched by Covid19 either. That's why the exhibition can only be seen online at https://tod-im-salz.de for now.

Thomas Stöllner is currently Managing Director of the Institute for Archaeological Sciences at the Ruhr University Bochum, Deputy Director of the German Mining Museum Bochum, Head of the Research Department and Head of the Mining Archaeology Research Unit. In his function, he has played a significant role in the close-knit relations between Bochum and Iran. These resulted, among other things, in the DFG-funded Priority Programme 2176 "The Iranian Highlands".

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